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About Us



NavabTrading is your partner for trading between Germany and Iran. Our company benefits from quality products and services “Made in Germany” as well as our local connections in Germany and Iran. You can take advantage of our “real touch of the market” and break down entry barriers into one of the last remaining untouched markets. We at NavabTrading work as matchmakers between the German and the Iranian market building a bridge connecting the west with the east, guarantee successful business deals on both sides.


For decades before sanctions were imposed Germany was Iran’s biggest trading partner. It is estimated that over 30% of Iran’s industrial infrastructure were imported from Germany. The gap in Iranian imports from Germany and other western countries has largely been filled by Chinese, Korean and Middle Eastern competitors. We at NavabTrading are working on reestablishing those former successful business relations imposing German quality products and services. We are optimistic about the prospects of bilateral trade and soon gaining traction again.



We at NavabTrading try to bring Iran back on track writing a new success story for the 21st century after sanctions have been lifted. For the economic recovery of Iran sustainable, longstanding structural reforms are needed which means to invest into a stable and modern infrastructure. It is the fundamental framework for any successful nation. This is our main focus at NavabTrading enhancing and developing Iran’s infrastructure. With huge product range in the construction and medical industry.


We look back at over 40 years of trading experience between the Middle East and Germany – so we know every trick in the book. Section Trading, empowered by our skilled employees with various backgrounds. Beside German, we speak English, Farsi and Arabic.